Augusta Golf Club

Local Rules

Green Fees $15.00

The Cut Edge defines the edge of fairways.

On the green, mark the ball before lifting. Penalty one stroke.

Scrape the greens to provide uniform putting surface.                                              All scrapes towards the hole, Final scrape one metre past the hole.

Ball on green. If players back swing is impeded by ledge around the green, ball may be played from verge. Rules as on putting green apply.

Deflection of ball into hole off ridge of scrape, penalty one stroke.

See notice boards for current Preferred lie.

Collected debris off fairway is GUR—pick and drop and no penalty. Defined GUR areas you must pick and drop.

Guarded or staked trees and all coloured pegs one club length relief.

Out of bounds. On or over all Firebreaks, the turning circle/car park interface and all areas within the storage dam fences—penalty stoke and distance (2 strokes).

Clearly defined paths, man-made drains and fire-breaks are immovable objects.

In all Ambrose events, players without a rcognised handicap will be restricted to Men 18, Ladies 27.

To be eligible to play Club Championships, members must have played a minimum of three non championship events during the season.

​To be eligible to play in the Masters, players must have a minimum of eight scores registered on Golf Link or seek approval from the Match Commitee.


These rules may be varied during the year and members should watch the notice board for details of changes.                                                                                Players are requested to carry sand buckets and fill their divot holes.                    To assist following groups, players are requested to clean excess sand from the cup and smooth an area within two club lengths of the hole before leaving the green.